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What is a Teddy Bear Goldendoodles?

They are the mixture of one of the intelligent breeds where you breed a Golden Retriever with Poodle. You will get a Goldendoodle. It is one of the most expensive breed in the world. This is an example of hybrid breeding which result’s an English Retriever. Dogs are gaining popularity all over the world. They are very positive in nature and very popular for there good looks. Breed is very friendly, intelligent and best in nature. Most of the dogs are capable of guarding but most of them likes to be loved. English dogs need lots of love and patience to make them your best friends. They are loyal and require a lot of training. Most of the harsh correction will damage your bond with the dogs.

Goldendoodles Teddy Bear were first bred in Alabama

A premium breeder has an expertise in breeding the dogs with most outstanding dogs. As premium English puppies Goldendoodle are best in the world. They have the best reputation in the world for producing best puppies in the world. As a top quality, smart, happy, tempered and gentle in nature. “Teddy Bear” are tend to buy them easily.

Basics of Goldendoodle Generations and How the Approximate Equations follow up:

F1 Grade Goldendoodle = Golden Retriever X Poodle (50% Poodle / 50% Golden Retriever)

F1B Grade Goldendoodle = F1 Goldendoodle X Poodle (75% Poodle / 25% Golden Retriever) = Most F1B’s Are Non-Shedders, Most Allergy Friendly.

F2 Grade Goldendoodle = F1 Goldendoodle X F1 Goldendoodle (50% Golden / 50% Poodle) = Some will shed a little to none, others a bit more, but nothing like an English Golden Retriever.

F2B Grade Goldendoodle = F1 Goldendoodle X F1B Goldendoodle (62.5% Poodle / 37.5% Golden Retriever) = The Most Curly Ones Usually Do Not Shed and are similar to the F1B generation. Straighter ones will shed like an F1.

F3 Grade Multi-Gen Goldendoodle = F3 Consists of these combinations: Any F2 X F2 = F3

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