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Cocker Spaniel Dog Breed

Why are Cocker Spaniels called teddy bear dogs? Spaniels are stuffed teddy bear puppies and you can cuddle them easily. Cockers are cute round headed with flappy ears which fits their description of a new breed of teddy bear puppies. Status of a dog is determined by owner and how the owner has kept the […]

Pomeranian Dog Breeds

History  Pomeranian Dogs are a new type of teddy bear dogs which have been here since a very long time. These dogs are known as Pom Pom. A breed of dog of the Nordic type. Made in Germany and favorite dogs are in the royal court. These puppies are the member of royal class. Coat […]

Shichon or Zuchon Dog breeds

Why are Shichons / Zuchons are called teddy bear dogs? Shichons are small size teddy bears and they have very fluffy fur. Sometimes people get confused with many other stuffed teddy bears. Most of the dogs have these characteristics in the category of teddy bear dogs. History Zuchons or Shichons are the designer dogs in […]

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