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How to Teach Your Dog to be the Pack Leader

My Dog will be the Pack Leader

An animal lover will loves to see the animals travelling in the pact. Mostly, teddy bear puppies does follow the same rule while travelling. They were the domesticated animals and dogs travel in packs. Many wild dogs such as wolves does same like the dogs and still can be engaged in this type of behaviour. Some things are very common in the leader and can make big decisions.

Owners always wonder that how they will be able to train there dogs to be the pack leaders. We also thought of the same questions in our minds, here we have come up with fun facts about how to train dog to be a better leader and lead the pack in a very cool way.

Leader always first and other follows

Leader always first and other follows

Firstly, you dog shouldn’t be lazy at all and must be recognised as the pack leader and must understand how your dogs will respond to the world: 

  • Teddy bear dogs will never care about you money or comfort you provide them. They are always after the love they receive from the owners. Make sure you give appropriate amount of love to your pets.
  • These pets are very patient animals and they walk side by side. A person should not be sufficient to fed them all the time and believe in themselves to become pack leaders.
  • One should always be aware of the fact that to control a dog through dominance is never an effective solution. Most of the time teaching a dog that aggression is normal something must to be there to entertain him.
  • It will take time to make your dog realize that he is the pack leader and must walk in the front.

How to be Worthy of Your Dog’s Trust

Being a pack leader is not an easy thing. You have to put in a lot to be in control and must be aware of all the situations. One should calm to understand the nature of a teddy bear puppy and teach them to lead. A poodle, pit bull or the animal we are talking about will never understand the meaning of in control. We will teach you how to control your puppy:

  • Strengthen Walks: One may encounter different situations and it will be crucial to complete the tasks. Without experience you cannot teach a dog to be in control. Dogs does not feel an intense love if you try to harm them in any way.
  • Control Behaviour: They must not be pooping here and there in the home. Young children will enjoy the behaviour of the dog but controlling them will be a big deal for everyone. Make sure your dog is simply entering and exiting room quietly.


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