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How to Stop Old Dog Urinating Indoors?

When a teddy bear dog becomes older you must teach him to use the toilet inside of pooping around. A dog might get frustrated at times but at the end it will be worth the pain.

First of all you need to ask some questions from yourself:

  • Will be able to train your teddy bear dog or not?
  • Don’t measure the success so soon as it can take months to teach your dog and let him do the business as it is?
  • Make sure the urination process of the dog takes in a very healthy way or it can be a Cushing’s Disease or your Dog must be suffering from a bladder infection?

Once, you are done with the following things now it is the turn to look at your dog’s behaviour from a very different perspective. DNA of a dog comes from a wolf and there brain is wired to function in almost the same way. It is a wild animal but can be loyal to there owners. If you can imagine a Fideo as a wolf in teddy bear clothing then it will be an advantage. All the dogs have only one leader and everybody follows him.

A pomeranium puppy peed on the carpet and is very sad about it

A pomeranium puppy peed on the carpet and is very sad about it

In order, to train your puppy to find the toilet we must look into the wolves to guide to the toilet. What happens when a wolf looses his way to the den or the pack in between travelling. All the adult wolves make sure that they leave a scent behind so young wolves can follow. Sometimes they urinate too which becomes a very strong scent on the way.

Many dogs in the wild roam about and urinate anywhere they want most of them acknowledge it. A dog looses himself if wants to urinate and he will do it any place he wants to. It takes a lot of effort to teach your dog to urinate at a given place. Also make sure your puppy doesn’t create any mess in the future.

Even after lot of effort you come from office and gets angry on your dog as he urinated on the floor. Nothing is worse than that and one can easily correlate with it. Everybody has protected each other in a way and makes a lot easy in your life.

People are very sweet nowadays and keeps there carpet clean. Now you have finally understood the tips and tricks in controlling your wild animal. This may sound little tricky but as a professional I must tell it only takes time and effort to achieve this.

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