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Goldendoodle Dog is among the Designer Breeds

Past of the Goldendoodle

Goldendoodle puppies were bred first in the 90’s in North America as golden retrievers were crossed with the standard poodle dog breeds. An experiment was very successful to develop such kind dogs which could guide blind individuals with no allergies.

Dogs Hanging Out


Doodles are pretty friendly with everyone who loves them and give them proper caring. He is a very excellent family dog and always up for an outing. Mostly, disabled people love them because these dogs help them to guide the way out. People have excellent personality and traits to guide them. A smart human being will know the true value of the dog. People always please around them and get along with the other pets. Some of them require a huge caring and attention but by the time they play with themselves.

Golden doodles carry a lot of energy with them and are very active. Physical activities such as hide and seek, catch the ball and other sports are loved by them. Teddy Bear puppy is not a hunting dog and never should be treated this way. As his ancestors might tend to hunt a lot but this dog should never indulge in hunting. Many things can be used to keep a dog mentally fit and happy.

Some dogs respond to the well training and all you need to put in some extra caring efforts. With proper motivation a golden doodle will become a perfect dog for physically challenged people.

Goldendoodle Dog is among the Designer Breeds

Goldendoodle Dog is among the Designer Breeds


Their standard size vary from 12 to 15″ and weight is in between 18 to 30 pounds. A small golden doodle’s height is very good as compared to other teddy bear puppies. A medium golden doodle has height between 16 to 19′ with a weight of 40 pounds approx. But the most astonishing thing about the big doodles is that there height is in between 19 to 23″ and weighs between 50 to 85 pounds which is really very impressive.

Coat and Colors

Some of the dogs have curly hair and a wavy coat of about two to three inches. Their hair are very long and put down on the ears, body and tail make these pets very adorable. Colour of the golden doodle is very different from the retriever breed. Most of the dogs include the golden, red, apricot, copper, black, ultra cream and a mix of many other colours on them.

Legs of the dogs seems to be very strange at first but then the color is most champagne one. Feather surface can be very light and as the dog gets older and older coat gets lighter. They don’t shed there hair at all and coat type depends on how the owners have kept them so far. A low shedder needs to be groomed once in a week to keep his coat fine. Don’t make them bath on daily basis as it is not good for the dog.

Average Age

A golden doodle will live upto 12 years if the dog has been properly taken care of with a good diet then he will live even longer.

Novelty Factor

Teddy bear puppies have a unique look and they are extremely friendly with there owners. Doodles are very cute and you will feel cuddling them within matter of seconds you meet them.

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